Gas Fireplace Knob Wont Turn

Propane gas fireplace pilot won't light - Home Improvement

Gas Fireplace Knob Wont Turn

Posted by Brunot Amoux on Wednesday, 3 June, 2020 03:57:29

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But if it's making nowhere near enough, the gas valve won't open at all, and the fireplace won't light. If you open the access panel on your gas fireplace (usually on the bottom), you'll see the fireplace's gas plumbing, the gas valve itself, and a bunch of wires.

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The furnace knob to turn to "on" and "pilot" wont depress…. Do not disassemble the valve, that can lead to huge uncontrollable gas leaks and cause a catastrophic fire. If you can hear or smell any gas leak, turn the manual shut-off valve cock located just outside the furnace to OFF and call in a plumber who is licensed for gas appliance work, or the gas utility company.

Fireplace will not turn off. It could be a number of different things. Could be the electronics, could be the gas valve getting stuck open, could be loose/open wire. You will need to get the manual for the unit and look at it's trouble shooting guide. If it is not covered in there, time to break out the multi-meter to trace what is going on.

Try pulling the plastic knob off. There should be a metal peg sticking out (the plastic knob fits over it) then try squirting some WD-40 on it and gently grab the metal peg with some pliers and slowly turn it. Don't force it too much as it may break. When it loosens up, replace the peg. I hope this works for you. Good luck.